What are the Store Locators?

Store locator are those points of sale that has decided to follow our company philosophy, our principles and values, choosing to become retailers and to sell our products.
They give value to their professional role and focus on a core business constantly increasing as the world of tattoos is expanding at an ever-increasing rate.

Who can become a Store Locator?

Every tattoos stores, pharmacies or drugstores can become a Store Locator.

Why become a Store Locator?

Our protective film is an innovative medication, completely Made in Italy, Latex Free, breathable, waterproof and elastic.
It is certified, tested and registered with the Ministry of Health and with Farmadati. Our protective films have been registered as medical device class first, for this reason tattoo artists and professionals can easily use them without having medical knowledge.
Becoming a Store Locator will also give you the possibility to enjoy special discounts, gain visibility on our website and boost your earnings.

How to become a Store Locator?

Affiliation can be made with the help of our sale representatives or directly with our website. In both cases you will have special discounts*.
*(Discounts may vary according to the quantities purchased during the year and it will be re-evaluated for the next year)

Become a Store Locator

Where to find our products: