Derma Care Strip

Derma Care Strip is adhesive, sterile, thin, in polyurethane, extensible, transparent, hypoallergenic and let radio waves pass through.

The most important feature that makes Derma Care Strip better than any other alternative coming outside the European market, is that it is completely MADE IN ITALY and 100% safe, having the CE UNI EN 868 and UNI EN ISO 1135-1:2008 certifications. Derma Care Strip assures an optimal protection, granting a high cutaneous transpiration. It represents the future for the world of tatoos: it's a revolution! Derma Care Strip's safety comes from the result of more than forty years of experience in the surgical and hospital sector.

Thanks to our protective solution, getting a tattoo it's not a problem of season, work or infections anymore. It is the only alternative to the old food-quality film, wrongly used for tattoo protection until now. Even having a shower, travelling or staying in dusty places immediately after having made a tattoo won't be a problem anymore, and you will not risk to get your clothes dirty with lotion that comes out from the film.

Derma Care Strip grants a 360° protection, isolating your tattoo from external factors, preventing infections and at the same time, facilitating an optimal healing and protecting the brilliance of colors.



  • Permeability, the film of polyurethane lets the skin breathe, avoiding the creation of a moisture layer under it.
  • Conformable, thin, flexible, elastic and resistant: suitable for critical zones.
  • Perfect adherence: it bonds firmly to the skin.
  • Used in surgical sector
  • Antibacterial, the film is waterproof and sterile but it is vapour permeable.
  • The smooth angles minimize the risk of accidental detachment so it can be brought for a longer time. This reduces time and cost for the treatment of the wound.
  • The "Frame-like" opening system makes the application easier.
  • It makes the interested area visible.
  • It grants a continuous antimicrobial action
  • Ipoallergenic and Latex Free

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