About us

Our start up was born in the 2017, from the desire to create an exclusive product for the protection of the fresh-made tattoo, aiming, unlike other brands, at quality and safety. The result is a patented medical device, realized with that kind of care and attention that distinguishes a Made-in-Italy product. We spent months and months trying to create an exclusive, one-of-a-kind product, and thanks to the know-how of Tattoo Division we succeed in conceiving a completely Made in Italy article, registered by Ministry of Health and certificated CE.
Our watchwords are quality, professionalism and health, because even in the world of tattoos, the protection of individual health is essential. The use of food-quality film, usually employed from tattoo artists, is not the right solution because it is not breathable and it creates an ideal habitat for the proliferation of germs and infections.
Even the choice of using Vaselin is not correct, as it is a petrolatum.
Only conscious, innovative and professional operators will have the necessary knowledge to suggest you the most innovative and safe products: demand the best for your tattoo's care, choose Derma Care Tattoo!!

What is Derma care and our corporate philosophy

Derma Care's philosophy is born from the will to give to customers and tattoo professionals an innovative product to cure and protect tattoos, with the guarantee of the “Made in Italy”. From this point of view, Derma Care Roll, Derma Care Strip and Derma Care Strip Iodine have been created.

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